Forget Traveling Light...How about Luggage Free??

As much as these photos idealize traveling with a complete set of gorgeous leather luggage, the reality is that traveling these days is hardly glamorous.

Countless articles and blog posts have been written about the virtues of packing light...something I have working on my whole life and still haven't quite mastered. However, there are other times when packing light is simply not an option - moving to a new country, an extended trip, a golf or ski vacation, or traveling with young children. For those times, why pay huge airline fees for multiple bags and schlep everything yourself (because let's face it, the photos are a complete fantasy)?
 Luggage Free offers an excellent alternative. Just pack your bags as if you were taking them to the airport, then call to arrange a time for your bags to be picked up at your home, office, hotel or cruise ship. Luggage Free does the rest - they will arrive at the specified time (often within 6 hours of your call), wrap your luggage in their special plastic covering and deliver it to your destination where it will be waiting for you when you arrive! Everything is tracked and guaranteed to be delivered on time. How easy is that?!

Even better Luggage Free is offering my readers and clients $25 off their services. Use code "2032935" to receive your discount or e-mail me and I will send you the coupon.
Smart travelers, pack light...even smarter travelers, travel Luggage Free!

(I was not compensated for this post...I just wanted to share what I believe is an ingenious service and the $25 coupons. However, if Luggage Free wants to offer to ship my bags on my upcoming trip to Asia, I wouldn't argue!)