Why Do We Travel??

One of my highlights of Virtuoso Travel Week was attending a lecture presented by the esteemed travel writer, Pico Iyer, on "Why We Travel".  Prior to this event, I had not heard of Mr. Iyer but his talk was incredibly inspiring. I couldn't find a video version of the talk he gave to us, but I did find this Ted Talk which is excellent:


Go here if you cannot view the video.
His essay on "Why We Travel" can be found here...it is definitely worth a read. And, if that leaves you wanting to learn more about this amazing writer, traveler and man, then check out his web site, Pico Iyer Journeys.

Now I ask all of you...Why Do You Travel?? 


(All photos are of Kyoto, Japan, Mr. Iyer's adopted home and a city where I am thrilled to be visiting later this fall. )