SG Travel works closely with you, every step of the way…from planting the first seeds of an idea for a trip, through the booking process, assisting while you are traveling and sharing in your joy when welcoming you home.

As an affiliate of Brownell Travel, we employ their innovative “Discover More” process when working with all clients.

Let us walk you through each step of the process:



Together, we will uncover your vision for the perfect trip. This stage is more about WHY you want to travel, than where. Through a brief and thoughtful conversations we work together to understand your unique dreams and goals. Listening is a big part of our job at this stage of the planning process - getting to know you and your travel dreams…so we can turn them into realities. We will also share more information with you about our process moving forward and discuss our planning fees.



In this stage, we work hand-in-hand to develop an itinerary, perfectly tailored for you. We create an initial proposal outlining the travel options that are right for you. After honing and revising to your specifications and budget, we finalize the design of your trip. We verify the details, so you don’t have to. We know that planning the trip can sometimes be half the fun, so we love collaborating closely with you to create your dream vacation. Or, if you prefer to let us pick up the ball and run with it, we can do that as well!



Some trips require a longer lead time than others, but rest assured just because your trip is booked doesn’t mean we will forget about you! Your reservations may be finalized, but we remain engaged with you until you depart for the airport! We will be sharing interesting information with you to spark your wanderlust and address any concerns you may have regarding your travel plans.

We also connect with our many contacts in your destinations, to discuss possible upgrades, amenities and special perks.



Bon Voyage! Buon Viaggio! Bien Viajes! καλά ταξίδια! Hǎo lǚxíng!

A few weeks before you travel, you will receive a special delivery of the detailed document package with final itineraries and travel information. We will also provide you with Axus, a state of the art digital app, allowing you to access all of the details of your itinerary via your phone or tablet. We also reach out to our partners on the ground to prepare for your arrival and to ensure a seamless travel experience. While you are traveling, we are working behind the scenes to ensure all is running smoothly, make adjustments as needed and act as your advocate if something does not go as expected.

Discover the difference in traveling with a trip created by us!



Welcome home! We will look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return! And, we LOVE receiving your photos as well!

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us to assist in helping you plan your next adventure!


Turn your travel dreams into a reality…