On My Radar Screen

Happy Friday!! It is the official "last weekend" of summer, but it definitely is feeling like fall around here. It has been a totally crazy week and I have honestly barely left my desk. The sad thing about that is that is has also been a gorgeous week here in Connecticut and I have spent my days inside. But guess what? It's the weekend! Time to get outside and breathe in some of that fresh, crisp air that makes me love New England in September! The next two weekends I will be traveling so I plan to enjoy a laid back couple of days, just relaxing and enjoying this beautiful time of year. What are you up to?

Here are a few things "pinging" my radar this week:
via, I Dream Of
Jeanne, of I Dream Of,  just returned from an incredible trip to Scotland and Iceland. Not only is Jeanne one of the sweetest people in the blogging world and an amazing artist, she is also a remarkable photographer...check out her latest post on Scotland, with more to come,  and follow her Instagram feed...you will be ready to don some Tartan and head out for some "country pursuits" after seeing her beautiful photos.
Janelle McCulloch's blog, A Library of Design, is another favorite (she is also one of my favorite authors) - there is always something eye catching on her blog, but this post on travel particularly caught my eye...lots of great information there!
 HiP Paris' post on the best candy shops in Paris is literally eye candy...
Gray Malin's aerial travel photos are legendary and deservedly so. He just released a limited edition of New York photos which are spectacular - I love the Coney Island ones. To get a little of the Gray Malin magic without spending a fortune, check out his gift wrap...I might be tempted to frame IT!
Go here if you cannot view the video.  
Have you ever sat next to anyone interesting or famous on a plane? The clip of Tina Fey (as 30 Rock's Liz Lemon) sitting next to Oprah made me laugh. I would probably have a hard time staying cool in that circumstance too!

I get excited whenever one of my favorite authors releases a new book...Susan Vreeland did not disappoint with Lisette's List. It combines several of my favorite things - art, history and France. What are you reading these days?

 Don't miss this giveaway from two of my favorite brands - Tieks and Vineyard Vines are giving away $200 gift cards to each online store. Tieks are far and away the most comfortable shoes I own...and I am partial to VV because the founders graduated from my boys' alma mater and I have been following their success from day one. I picked up my first Vineyard Vines bag at their warehouse in Stamford when they only had ten employees and no retail outlets. 
That's it for this week everyone...Cheers to a sunny weekend...wherever you may be wandering!