On My Radar Screen ~ Early March

Happy Friday!!! Just when it was starting to feel like Spring, we got a little more of the dreaded white stuff. Oh well, according to the forecast, it will be gone for good by next week! Here is what is pinging my radar screen this week...
 My friend, the extraordinarily talented artist Jeanne McKay Hartmann, is in Paris - you absolutely MUST follow her on instagram so you don't miss her stunning art work AND photographs...

By Jeanne McKay Hartmann

If you want to purchase her gorgeous paintings, you can buy them from Watson Kennedy. Let's all send Jeanne cheers to an amazing weekend in Paris...I wish I could be there too, but I will continue to follow along vicariously through Instagram. Thanks for sharing you beautiful work with us, Jeanne!
By Jeanne McKay Hartmann
Photo by Jeanne McKay Hartmann
By Jeanne McKay Hartmann
By Jeanne McKay Hartmann
This photograph is a work of art - by Jeanne McKay Hartmann
Here are the rest of the items capturing my attention lately (when I am not swooning over Jeanne's instagram feed)!
The latest issue of Virtuoso Life is now available online...this is my favorite travel magazine (of course, I still read CN Traveler and Travel & Leisure from cover to cover, but this is my new favorite read.) 
That's a wrap...have a fabulous weekend, my friends...wherever you may be wandering...