Bring It Home ~ Emporio Sirenuse

Can you even believe it is March 1st?! I always feel renewed when I finally turn the page on my calendar to March knowing we have almost made it through winter. Whether your thoughts are turning to your Spring Break vacation plans or your summer adventures, no doubt you are daydreaming of warm weather adventures...
When you close your eyes and imagine the Amalfi Coast of Italy, what do you see? Sweeping views over the sea, colorful cliffside buildings, lemon groves and tables set with brightly colored ceramics and lit by candlelight all evoke this lovely destination. Why not bring a little of that home with you? 
Carla Sersale has opened Emporio Sirenuse so you can do just that...Carla is the wife of Antonio Sersale, who owns the infamous Le Sirenuse, the ultimate destination in Positano. Her products are inspired by the beauty that surrounds her on a daily basis at Le the sirens for which the stunning hotel (and shop) is named, the fashions - both personal and home - of Emporio Sirenuse will enchant you...I dare you to try to resist!

For more of this stunning fashion line, check out their 2016 Lookbook. And, good news...items from the line will soon be available at Bergdorf Goodman. 
Equally as gorgeous as the fashions, are the home design items. Why not re-create this setting...
with this?
I would love to spend a few days at Le Sirenuse and happily indulge in a few "souvenirs" from the Emporio!  Have the sirens of Emporio Sirenuse and Le Sirenuse captured you?