On Southern Hospitality and A Giveaway Winner

We spent the weekend in Charlotte remembering and celebrating the life of my sister. While it was hard for it not to be a sad event, taking a little time after her death to pause and reflect allowed the entire family to come together in Pam's honor and, yes, to celebrate the good times we shared with her.   
Every time I step foot below the Mason Dixon line, I am awed at what can only be called "Southern Hospitality". Witnessing it while going through some of life's most difficult moments, makes it even more special. From the waitress at our hotel who wrapped her arms around me after a long day at the hospital back in late October and said "honey, let me feed you", to the people everywhere who hold doors, smile and say hello with a genuine civility, to the ladies at Pam's church who so lovingly spent their Saturday preparing and serving a family lunch and dessert buffet after the memorial service...you can just "feel the love" in the South.
Stepping off the plane at LaGuardia and entering the hustle and bustle of New York at the holidays felt a bit like culture shock after spending so much time in North Carolina recently. This year, as we enter the holiday rush,  I hope to embrace the spirit of my southern roots by remembering to do the little things that come naturally to most southerners - slow down a bit to hold doors, offer smiles and hellos to strangers...and eat lots of pimento cheese, grits and southern style green beans!  
I do hope to find more time for blogging - it is my "happy place". As many women with busy lives, I find that what I truly enjoy sometimes takes a back burner to my "to do" list, especially this time of year. But hopefully, I will be back as much as possible sharing my wanderlust with all of you on a more regular basis.

And, before I go...the winner of the "Ultimate Travel" book is....Elizabeth from Pine Cones and Acorns...Congratulations, Elizabeth!!
Have a beautiful day, y'all!