I'm Back!!! (Sort Of...)

No...this is, unfortunately NOT where I have been for the past month!
Hi everyone! I wanted to check in here on the blog since it has been almost a month since I last posted. For those of you who may have missed my last post - sadly, I have not been relaxing on an exotic vacation somewhere, but "enjoying" a rather lengthy and painful recovery from a badly broken humerus.  It is amazing how one little spill can turn your life upside down. I am still looking at 4-6 more weeks of having my arm stabilized - arggg! It is amazing the things you can't do with only one arm/hand. However, I have become pretty adept at  one handed typing and so it is time for me to get back to blogging!
There are silver linings in every cloud and all of your wonderful emails and comments have definitely brightened my days - thank you SO much, my friends!!!
by Jeanne McKay Hartmann
  The highlight of all my Mondays has been reading the latest installment of Sharon Santoni's story "Coming Home" on her blog accompanied by the absolutely delightful illustrations by my friend Jeanne of I Dream Of.
Another positive - I have blown through my summer reading list and then some...my favorites have been Villa America, Tiny Little Thing, At The Water's Edge and Eight Hundred Grapes.
And, I discovered an EXCELLENT travel video series - Smart Travels With Rudy Maxa. I will probably dedicate an entire post to his series, but if you are looking for something to satisfy (or possibly ignite) your wanderlust, these videos are perfect.
Anyone going through a rough time needs bright spots in the future to look forward to...The day before I fell, I finalized an early October trip to Ireland. It is up in the air as to whether I will be okay to go but it gives me a defined goal to work towards as I begin physical therapy. 
And, for something to really look forward to - I booked flights for two+ weeks in Italy next Spring!
Hopefully, I will be back to a fairly regular blogging schedule...with all my time to read lately, I have lots of travel info to share with you. Enjoy every minute of these gorgeous summer days!