Out of Commission...

Hi everyone...remember on Friday, when I was SO happy the week was over? Well...my weekend did not turn out quite as I hoped. Just after I took my first sip of a nice cold Rosé, I slipped on my kitchen floor (socks and shiny wood floors do NOT go together!)...I have never felt such excruciating pain and immediately knew something was seriously wrong. Long story short, I ended up fracturing my left humerus - the upper arm bone. Not pretty. I am headed to the orthopedic doctor today, but I have already been warned to expect a lengthy recovery - six to eight weeks. 
I am pretty adept at typing with my right hand (and using my my thumb to "like" instagram photos), but I expect I will have no choice but to really limit my computer time while I recover. Please know, I will be diligently reading all of your blogs, even if you don't receive a comment from me. And if you would like to share a guest post on travel, I am sure with my one good arm, I can manage to post it to my site. I will check-in whenever possibly, but please understand why I may be posting a lot less frequently for a while.

Thank goodness for the world's most supportive husband who has always been my hero, but the past two days, he has bordered on saintly. He will be getting a crash course on cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking care of a one armed travel maven. ;) Now if anyone has any fashion advice for what to wear over what feels like with the world's most bulky sling...please let me know!
Have a SAFE and happy rest of your summer, my friends!!