Who Wants To Wander With Me??

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Did you know at Colgate University (my daughter's alma mater) the number 13 is considered to be a lucky and Friday the 13th is celebrated by students and alumni?
I am changing things up a bit this week and skipping On My Radar Screen. Between returning from vacation late Monday and getting ready for another one in a little over a week, I haven't had a lot of time to peruse the blogosphere to find interesting things to share with all of you.
Anyone up for sharing a travel related guest post??

While I am in Europe I will be out of touch for much of the time, especially when I am on the ship in Greece.  Rather than having the blog go dark or frantically trying to schedule two weeks of posts in advance, I am hoping to set up some guest posts from my fellow bloggers who would like to share stories of their own travels.  So, here is your chance to share anything you want related to travel -   your favorite places, tips, links to cool sites, day trips, photos, places you dream of going...the sky is the limit!

All I ask is that you send me your posts by September 22nd so I can get them scheduled before I leave.
This weekend I will be starting to pack and shopping for a pair of comfortable shoes to wear in summer heat in Greece and fall weather in Venice and Paris, which will also look nice with a casual skirt or dress (my most comfortable traveling outfit). I have Clarks sandals and Tieks all set to go but neither of them have much support which is not great for walking all day. Any suggestions?? 
What are all of you up to this weekend? I hope you have a fabulous weekend...wherever you may be wandering!