A Luxury Hotel Sleep Experience At Home

ritz-paris-reopens-01 Do you sleep better in a hotel room?  I definitely do.  I have often wondered why - do I exhaust myself while traveling, do I relax more on the road, is it the black out curtains or is it the bed itself?  Probably all of the above, but I do know that the beds in many five star hotels feel like you are falling asleep on a cloud.

The best hotels usually offer beds with a quality mattress, feather bed toppers, crisp sheets, lots of down pillows and a fluffy duvet on top.  While I have tried hard to re-create this experience at home, it is never quite the same as falling into a freshly made bed at a fine hotel.

Did you know that several luxury hotel chains actually sell their beds for people to use at home?

Ritz Carltons have of the comfiest beds EVER and you can have the entire experience (from mattress to feather bed to pillows to sheets) at home through Ritz Carlton Shops.

Four Seasons has partnered with Simmons mattress company to provide a signature sleep experience - they also sell pillows and bed linens BUT they are not sold in stores - you must purchase them directly through a Four Seasons Hotel.

Westin is known for their "Heavenly Bed"  - you can purchase the entire line at the Westin Store.  I will attest to its comfort - I find that Westins are always a reliable choice when you are booking a large chain hotel, mostly because of their use of the "heavenly" products.

The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas offers one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences I have EVER had - while they don't offer it online, they do sell their entire bedding package -  the "Wynn Dream" mattress and box spring ($3100 for the pair), pillows, sheets and duvet cover - in their Hotel Shop. I came SO close to splurging on the whole shebang after my recent stay at the Wynn.

Hästens matresses are a high end Swedish brand known for its extraordinary level of craftsmanship. While they are a real splurge with prices starting at $5000, their web site has a hotel locator so you can stay at a hotel with a Hästens mattress BEFORE you purchase one (or just to experience their legendary product for a few nights.)



If you aren't in the market for a new mattress set right now, you can still get that luxe hotel feel at home with these simple tips...

-Keep your bed mostly white - white linens have been tested to have a "halo effect" on travelers. Want some color? Add a pretty coverlet or a cashmere throw at the end of the bed for decoration.

-Splurge on your linens - make sure you purchase ones with a high thread count - the best hotels use a minimum of 300 thread count. Many hotels use Frette linens - yes, they are worth the splurge!  Keep your linens extra crisp by splurging on having them professionally laundered (or take the time to iron them).

-Top it with a down duvet with a high thread count duvet cover. For European style luxury, buy two twin duvets so you each have your own duvet.

-Add a feather bed mattress topper under your fitted sheet - turn into almost any mattress into a luxe experience by adding a down topper.

-Use lots of down pillows with, once again, high thread count pillowcases. Experts recommend six pillows for a king bed, four for a queen or double bed.

-Make your bed every morning, so at night you will be getting into a crisp freshly made bed - is there any better feeling?

Want more? Check out this video showing you how to make the bed just like at your favorite hotel:

Now, if only I could find someone to bring a room service tray to me each morning for breakfast!!!