Wednesday Wanderlust ~ An Occupational Hazard

One of the "hazards" of my job is the risk of developing a serious case of what I call "Travel Advisor Envy" - a condition in which I covet every single trip I am planning. Currently, I have recently planned or am in the midst planning EIGHT trips to Italy, two Icelandic adventures, a family trip to Scandinavia, a mother/daughter London trip, a milestone birthday trip to Ireland and London, a "Grand Tour" of seven cities in Europe and several beach say my wanderlust is in overdrive is an understatement! Here are snippets of the places my clients have been enjoying...


Il Salviatino, Fiesole

Ca Sagredo, Venice

JK Firenze, Florence

Amalfi, Italy

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, Paris

Dromoland Castle, Ireland


The Stafford Hotel, London

Half Moon, Jamaica

Grace Bay Club, Turks and Caicos

Hyatt Regency, Aruba This photo was sent to me by the General Manager of the hotel in anticipation of my clients' arrival - he took it with his iphone and no filter!

I like to say that my work is making people's dreams come true - how many people can say that about their jobs!!!