How Cool Is This?

For the first time in over 10 years, the artist, Christo, has created an outdoor art installation in Italy's Lake District that will allow visitors the sensation of walking on water.  Opening for just three weeks - from today until July 3rd, Floating Piers creates walk ways to connect two islands in Lake Iseo. The paths are nearly two miles long and are swathed in saffron colored fabric designed to change color according to the time of the day and the weather. There are no rails or barriers - the artist felt that doing so would ruin the effect of walking on water.  How cool is this? 17christo-2-superJumbo-v3




Christo's last public installation was in 2005 - The Gates in Central Park - I remember going and walking through them and looking at them from above on the roof deck of the Metropolitan Museum - it was a great opportunity to literally be part of art!


I wish I could be in Italy to see this (seriously, let's be real, I just wish I was in Italy!!)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends...wherever you may be wandering...



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