Passport Stamps As Art!

Happy Monday!!! I am sorry to have gone dark on you last week - it came down to a simple case of not nearly enough hours in the day - something had to be shelved. The blog world is truly one of my "happy places" but it is also one item in my life that can easily be put on hold when deadlines and "to do" lists get in the way.  

When I was researching my post last week regarding passports (if you missed it, go here) I discovered these beautiful customized art prints made using passport style stamps, created by British artist, Hannah Lloyd.
When ordering, you specify particular destinations - countries, cities, landmarks, events or other places - and the artist creates charming passport stamp style illustrations. 

Wouldn't this be a great gift for a wanderer in your life - weddings, graduations, Mother's Day or just because??
 Cheers to a new crossing everything off an ever growing list of things to do AND finding time for the blogosphere!