Channeling Giada in Positano

Is anyone else enamored with Giada's new show on The Food Network - Giada in Italy? I am a huge Giada fan - probably not too shocking as you all know I am a complete Italo-phile. Many of my go to recipes are from watching her shows and reading her cookbooks. With her latest show being filmed entirely on the Amalfi Coast, you can imagine that I am completely smitten! 
Photos via The Food Network
 I automatically assumed she was filming from some gorgeous villa that had been in the DeLaurentiis family for generations. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that it was actually filmed at the gorgeous Torre Sponda complex of apartments in Positano, which offers rentals to regular people just like you and me! 

There are five separate apartments that share the gorgeous common areas seen above...they range in size from one to five bedrooms with cheerful interiors and terraces with killer views.

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What are we waiting for...
 Andiamo a Positano!!!