Who Can Resist A Great Sale?!

Did you know Europe has gone on SALE?? 
Well, not exactly, but with the US Dollar reaching it's strongest point in nearly a decade, NOW is the time for Americans to go to Europe!  Any time I can save nearly 25%, which is how much the Euro has declined against the dollar in the past year, I figure I have gotten myself a nice bargain.  Of course there is no way to know which direction it may go from here...all the more reason to plan that trip quickly! 
Here is what is going in MY fantasy shopping cart...I bet you aren't too surprised!

Lake Como

If you could hop on a plane today and head to Europe, where would YOU go? 
Just like with any good deal, traveling to Europe is more popular than ever this year.  I am currently planning over a dozen trips to Europe for clients in the next three months - I LOVE my job but when I am this busy, blogging tends to fall by the wayside a bit. I promised to be back to a more regular schedule soon!
No European trips planned for me yet, but I do plan to enjoy every minute of Spring in Connecticut this weekend. Have a lovely weekend, my friends...wherever you may be wandering...