The World's Most Romantic Cities For Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day!! To celebrate the most romantic day of the year,  here are a few of the romantic cities in the world and some interesting tidbits about how they recognize Valentine's Day:
Did you know...“The High Court of Love” was established in Paris, France, in 1400 and was the first known official celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day? Composed of 30 women, it dealt with love contracts, violence against women, and betrayals. That doesn't surprise me in the least - the "city of love" is my choice for the most romantic city in the world.
 Did you know...St. Valentine was Roman and he is buried in Rome? His flower crowned skull is a relic at the Basilica Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. And, of course, Cupid was the Roman God of Love.  Again, no shock - the Romans are the original "romantics"!
Did you Japan it is customary for women to give men chocolate on Valentine's Day? Other gifts are generally not given. When we visited Kyoto, I was amazed that the entire city just oozed romance. It would be a perfect place for a honeymoon!
New York
Did you know...The Empire State Building in New York City played a prominent role in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". Every year couples flock to the Empire State Building to take (or renew) their vows on the 80th floor of this famous landmark.  Call me a jaded New Yorker, but I can't see getting married at the top of the Empire State Building...but I still "heart" NYC.
Did you know...Although recent times have brought Valentine's Day to Prague, May 1st is actually the traditional day to celebrate love? While I haven't had the pleasure to visit "the Paris of the East", the bridges, the river and the way the light plays on the buildings make it seem the perfect place for a romantic getaway. And, if you wait until May 1st, the weather will be better too!
Buenos Aires
Did you know...In Argentina, they not only celebrate Valentine's Day, but they dedicate an entire week in July for “sweetness week”?  From the 13th to the 20th, lovers and friends will exchange candies and kisses. Coming from the land of tango and latin lovers, I am amazed they don't celebrate for a month!
San Francisco
Did you know...a city wide pillow fight takes place every year on Valentine's Day in San Francisco? Now that sounds like a Valentine's Day tradition my boys would enjoy!
How do you celebrate the day? I plan to cook for my "guys" - my youngest is coming home from college for the weekend. Lots of cozy comfort food is in order for yet another chilly Connecticut weekend! 
Have a beautiful Valentine's Day, my dears...wherever you may be wandering....