Looking Forward to 2015!

Happy New Year to all my readers!!! I hope 2015 brings all good things to your lives! Last year will not be easy to top for me, but this time last January, I had no idea what the future held and what an amazing year was ahead of me.
When I began my blog, it was a way to fill the gaps in my schedule left by no longer having any children at home. Little did I know that a thriving travel advisory business would emanate from my "hobby" of a blog. I have worked hard to keep to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule - often by working all weekend or late into the night just to meet my self-imposed "deadline". In an effort to keep the blog fresh with interesting content, I have decided to no longer keep to a regular schedule, but instead I will post whenever I feel that I have something interesting to share.  I hope to continue to post two to three times a week, but the schedule will be a bit more spontaneous.
Having said that, I am starting 2015 with so many things that I truly can't wait to share with you! Several readers have indicated that they really love when I share tips that make your travel easier, so that is an area I hope to expand into a regular feature (feel free to send any tips my way). You all know I love luxury hotels, so I plan to keep featuring the latest openings, along with the showcasing the greatest ones in the world in a new feature called "New and Noteworthy".  I would love to write more about "must see" sights or "don't miss" restaurants in various popular destinations - often this is as much as a learning experience for me, as it is for you when you read it. Please feel free to pass along any favorite places, ideas for posts or travel tips and I would love to incorporate them into the blog!
Cheers to a year filled with many adventures - both virtual and real...I hope you will join me along the way!