Have A Merry Weekend!!

 Just two weeks until Christmas…it is hard to believe!

It is a familiar refrain this time of year, but I have more to do then I have hours in the day. In the next few weeks, I will be posting a bit more sporadically than usual - in an effort to enjoy the season, rather than keeping to a regular schedule of blogging, I will post when I am able - it might be midnight on a Tuesday night, you never know! 

For some fun holiday blog reading, check out a few of the "By Invitation Only" posts - Marsha, Jeanne and Tina's posts all made me smile...can you sense a common thread? And Sharon's short story post will leave you hoping for a second installment. 

Also be sure to stop by The Enchanted Home here and here where a few of Tina's blogging buddies (including moi!) help her ring in the holiday season by sharing fashion and gift ideas, as well as favorite holiday traditions.

 I hope you have a beautiful weekend…wherever you may be wandering.


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