Giving Tuesday ~ Sister India

When a reader and client who is the executive director of Sister India, a charitable organization working to offer girls and women in India a hope for a better life, asked me if I would allow the organization to guest post for Giving Tuesday, I was honored to be able to share this platform to help such a worthy cause. I hope you will take a few minutes to read about their work and consider a donation.  Please leave me a comment if you make a donation and I will add FIVE entries on your behalf to the giveaway I am offering this week.  AND, Sister India is also offering their own giveaway below for all who help.
Also, as I am posting a day early for "Giving Tuesday", my post from yesterday sharing Passports With Purpose was only up for one day. If you missed it, go here to learn about another excellent cause.

Light her path this Giving Tuesday. Hundreds of millions of our sisters in India are living in deep darkness...

45 million children are working today.
47% of girls are married before 18.
Every 17 minutes a bride is burned to death over dowry. She’s traded like property.
Every 20 minutes a woman or girl is raped. Most go unprosecuted.
50 million girls are missing in India. That’s as if every single girl in America disappeared.
86% of India’s women live on less than $2.50 a day.
250 million of them are robbed of education… It’s not too late to give it to them.
You hold the flame to her freedom. Through Sister India, you can give her a comprehensive education for a one-time gift of just $30.
80% of a students reach a fifth grade reading level within the year. Income-earning potential doubles. Before the class, 41% of students advocate child marriage; after, only 5% do. The 51% who advocated child labor at the beginning of the class has shrunk to 6%. Girls who once were sent into early marriage or child labor instead sit in classrooms. Students learn about women's rights under law, and are encouraged to Honor the Girl Child.

Right now, because of a matching donor, the number of women your donation reaches will be doubled. When you teach a woman about health, business, reading, math and human rights you light her path to freedom, opportunity and hope.

Watch this video to see the power of the light you hold:

She is worthy of the freedom you have and the light you hold. Here's how you can help...

Visit to donate any amount. Because of our match, every $30 you give funds 2 students.
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