On My Radar Screen

Happy Friday! It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week! We are having a low-key holiday this year, so I don't have to spend the weekend preparing. One of my colleagues (Hi Lynn!) is baking 259 pies this weekend - her family farm in Pennsylvania sells them and they already have that many pre-orders.


I am taking a break from sharing the details of our trip to Asia, to return to one of my favorite "regular" posts...On My Radar Screen...sharing my favorites from around the web this week:

 Have Some Decorum is a blog I have recently fallen in love with (thanks for telling me about it, Patricia!)...I love her genuine voice - she is an amazing writer with an interesting life story. I especially enjoyed reading about her visit to Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris

What is hitting up on your radar screen these days??
I had hoped to run a giveaway this week, but I have delayed until next Friday -  "Black Friday" - the official start to the holiday shopping madness.  I will be presenting my version of a Holiday Gift Guide - for the wanderers on your shopping list. And, I will also be giving away a few of my favorite things! 
So, even though it is a holiday week be sure to check back next week for my round up of our travels to Singapore and Hong Kong, in addition to the Wanderer's Gift Guide and Giveaway!
Have a fabulous weekend, my friends...wherever you may be wandering!