Get Your Bling On...A Guest Post from The Enchanted Home

Are you ready for something completely different? Tina, from The Enchanted Home, is known throughout the blogging world for her exquisite taste in everything from her stunning home, her delicious food and her sense of style. I am honored to count her among my dear friends - one of the many benefits of blogging is meeting other bloggers "in real life" and feeling like you are long lost friends. 

Tina's guest post today will add some glitz and glam to your day. Any one of these would jazz up a basic black travel wardrobe instantly! Thank you for being here today, Tina! 

Hi there, happy to be filling in for Sandy at one of my favorite blogs, while she is busy on her "Asian tour". I cannot wait to hear all about the highlights and she has my undying lifelong respect since she is going to be staying on the 110th floor at her hotel in Hong Kong! Though I can only imagine the views will be just beyond, given I don't take elevators EVER, that would be some hike. ! This is a break from her normal travel influenced posts...... 

I love the transformation jewelry can give an ensemble. I love real and faux and also am a big believer in mixing the two. I have a whole drawer full of fun costume that I love playing dress up with. Statement necklaces are making a big splash. I have a few and have to say I do love the instant drama and style they given even the most simplistic outfit. I love taking something really simple and understated and adding the wow factor by putting on a statement necklace. There are so many to choose thought this could make a fun post.

All necklaces shown are from Net a Porter. So if the jewelry fairy (wouldn't that be awesome) paid you a visit, which statement necklace would be your choice? How do you like to wear them? Take a look.........






CHOICE 3410711_ou_xl






CHOICE 6402715_ou_xl
CHOICE 7413860_ou_xl
CHOICE 8435665_ou_xl
CHOICE 9403860_ou_xl
CHOICE 10431500_ou_xl
CHOICE 11446507_ou_xl





CHOICE 14413861_ou_xl All necklaces shown are from Net A Porter.

Fun,don't you think ? So which is your pick? How would you wear it? Do you you like big statement pieces like this? Come on tell us about it! Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day wherever you may be wandering (to borrow the phrase from Sandy:)