On My Radar Screen...

Happy Friday!!! We are leaving tomorrow for our Asian odyssey (and no, our transportation will not at any time resemble the above photo!) Visiting some of the biggest and most modern cities in the world may not seem very adventurous for many people, but when you consider a total of nearly fifty hours of flying time, seven different hotels in six cities and a language (and alphabet) barrier, I think this trip will adequately fill MY adventure quota for the year. 
Today, I am packing...definitely NOT my favorite part of travel. Feel free to share any and all tips, but send them fast because by tomorrow morning, the suitcase will be zipped and ready to go!
While I am away, I have several special guest posts set up for your reading pleasure...you won't want to miss a single one of these posts as the best and the brightest bloggers around will be pinch hitting for me. 
Even though I have handed over the blog to these lovely ladies, I will be posting photos on Instagram. I do hope you will follow along with me! 
In the meantime, here are a few things on my radar screen this week:
 This isn't photoshop...and here is the ad they created when the photos were taken.
Delicacies from around the world delivered to your doorstep...

 This video of marble being extracted from a quarry in the Apuan Alps of Italy is fascinating. 

If you are in NYC today and see a bunch of people wandering around with suitcases and wishful looks on their faces this is why...
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends...wherever YOU may be wandering...