Happy 4th of July...and the Giveaway Winner!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Vel Criste, the winner of the set of four Eyewitness Travel Guides! 
 Vel said: "What a fantastic giveaway!!!!I can't do much travelling this summer, but next summer, I want to go to Paris if we can" 
While Vel can't travel much this summer with a new baby on the way, hopefully these guides will satisfy her wanderlust!
For anyone planning their next vacation...DO check out DK's new travel planning app...it seems like it would be very helpful in planning a trip!
And, don't miss the July/ August digital issue of Virtuoso Life...it is a must read magazine for anyone who loves luxury travel!
For a real dose of travel envy, follow along on with the travels of two of my favorite bloggers on Instagram: Karolyn from The Relished Roost is in Ireland and her pictures are completely swoon worthy...and Heather from Style Mind Chic is living it up in Portugal and Spain.
My daughter, Caroline, is taking her summer vacation at home next week, and I plan to share the "stay-cation" with her, so my posts and comments may be a bit sporadic.
Enjoy the fireworks tonight and the long weekend...wherever you may be wandering!!