On My Radar Screen ~ Inspired Design, Collage of Life and More!

Happy Friday! We are now in the midst of "the big thaw" here...it is lovely to have a bit of warmer weather but the melting snow and resulting slush is a bit annoying.

The "I wish I was there" photo of the week!
Four Seasons Maldives via Virtuoso
What is everyone up to this weekend?  We may go see Winter's Tale - it is one of my all time favorite books and I am not sure I will love the screen adaptation but I need to see it anyway.
Here are a few things on my radar screen this week...

A Letter to Paris by Debbie at Inspired Design

Being a "tag along wife" by Jeanne at Collage of Life...



Anyone going to the New York Times Travel Show next weekend?


Family Fun from Virtuoso...
Have a fabulous weekend, everyone...wherever you may be wandering!