Snowed In? Take a Virtual Trip Around the World

The holidays are over and we are faced with the lengthy stretch of winter months ahead. If you are like me, you are feeling a serious wanderlust right about now. Between the long winter nights and the sub-zero temperatures, my mind is constantly wandering to faraway places. If it isn't possible to book the next flight out of town, check out AirPano

Singapore via AirPano

AirPano is a not-for-profit project created by a team of Russian photo enthusiasts focused on taking high-resolution aerial panoramic photographs, via helicopter, hot air balloon, radio controlled helicopter, airplane and even dirigible. There are nearly 1500 aerial panoramas on their website showing over 150 famous locations around the world, including North Pole, Antarctica, Mariana Trench, and even the Earth's view from the stratosphere.

While I didn't manage to get out of town over the holidays, I have taken virtual tours of Florence, Singapore, The Maldives and the Great Wall of China, just to name a few. AirPano would also be a great tool for getting your bearings for a place before you travel there.

 Paris via AirPano

If you are snowed in this week, just travel the world virtually...
and then start planning where you will go next!