On My Radar Screen ~ Blogs, Books and More

Happy Friday! It really is ridiculous that January if half over. To be honest, it is my least favorite month so I am not complaining that it is going by quickly.
Photo by me from my trip in October
Do you remember this post about my trip to the "Les Puces" in Paris?  I was thrilled to stumble upon this fascinating interview from Messy Nessy Chic with the owner of that booth from about how she finds those spectacular Louis Vuitton trunks.
I am totally loving the blog Views From My Kitchen Sink. Just wait until you see the views Pam has from her apartment...prepare to be green with envy! (Hint: the above picture is from her post yesterday.)

This photo from my trip to Venice last year says a lot!

 What does your favorite vacation spot say about you? 

My answer upon choosing Italy, "You like to indulge in all things bad for you, including wine, cheese, carbs and gelato. You enjoy art and culture and long for the chance to spend hours wandering art museums and ancient ruins.", is pretty much spot on!
Do you ever start reading a book and find that it totally consumes you? I could not put down The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Art, antiques and New York combined with incredibly eloquent writing equates to perfection for me. I apologize if my blog reading/commenting suffered this week - I found myself taking every possible opportunity to read this remarkable book. The painting for which the book is named by Carel Fabritius is on exhibit here in New York at one of my favorite museums, The Frick Collection. Sadly, the exhibit closes on Sunday so I am not sure if I will get to see it. 
Have you tried taking this regional dialect test from the New York Times? My family had a lot of fun reading through the different ways of saying things depending on where you are from in the US. I was most similar to New York City, Yonkers and Newark - I guess after 30 years up here my southern accent is officially gone. (Unless, of course, I am having cocktails with my sister or niece from North Carolina!)


For all of my fellow travel junkies, you will really enjoy the digital version of this month's edition of Virtuoso Life

That's a wrap for this week...
Our youngest is headed back up to Providence this weekend - it has been wonderful having him home for a whole month and we will miss him terribly. I will be busy baking cookies for him to take back to school, hopefully seeing this movie and getting a jumpstart on next week. I am headed to Florida next week with Caroline for a three generation girls' weekend with my mom.  Have a terrific weekend everyone...wherever you may be wandering! xoxo