Wednesday Wanderlust ~ Winter Wonderland

Chalet Zermatt Peak in Zermatt, Switzerland

Try saying "Wednesday Wanderlust Winter Wonderland" three times fast...
Courchevel, France
For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may have figured out that I am not a big winter weather person.  I used to ski, but as I have gotten older, my fear of broken bones has trumped my desire to hit the slopes (okay, my dislike for being cold and fear in general never really allowed me to embrace a sport where you fly down a mountain on two little pieces of wood/fiberglass). However, this time of year, I love the "idea" of a ski vacation - sitting by a big fire, drinking hot chocolate (or toddies), wearing warm cozy sweaters and boots, eating comfort food...
Chalet Le Rocher in Val D'Isere, France
Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie in  Megève, France 
"Haut" Chocolate at Four Seasons Vail

Perfect Après-ski Outfit

Do you love cold weather vacations? What is your dream winter destination?
(All of the villas pictured above can be booked for a winter getaway...just let me know!)

The last time I was skiing - with Caroline and Christopher who are now in their twenties!