On My Radar Screen

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I really can't believe it is mid-November - it is just too scary how quickly time passes. I guess that is all the more reason to enjoy every minute of every day!
I am sad to say most of our gorgeous fall color is gone here in Connecticut (the SNOW earlier in the week didn't help much). Maybe these photos will help me hold on to the beauty of fall a little bit.
Here is what is hitting up on my radar screen this week: 
This play about travel opening off Broadway in January looks interesting...
Doesn't this ultra luxury cruise sound amazing?


How well do you know the world we live in? Take this quiz and see how you do.


How cool are these train stations? I am happy to see that gorgeous Grand Central is on the list!

This ten minute video is definitely worth watching...it certainly puts life into perspective and you will be happier all weekend.

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 Have a delightful weekend, wherever you may be wandering!!