I Am Back!

Hi everyone...I got back late Wednesday and I am truly exhausted. From Venice, to Greece, to Paris, I must have walked 5 plus miles a day!  I have a suitcase full of laundry and an empty refrigerator - clearly two things that MUST be done before I do anything else. And since my youngest is coming home from college today for his fall break, I need to hit the ground running getting back into my day to day life.

SO...I am going to leave you today with a few of my favorite images from an amazing two weeks and will be back on Monday sharing more of my trip with all of you.



This weekend, you will find me at home enjoying being with my husband and son and relaxing my poor tired feet. I also hope to catch up on two weeks of missed blog reading, so don't be surprised if you get a barrage of comments from me! 

Have a lovely October weekend everyone...wherever you may be wandering...