Giveaway Winner and What's On My Radar Screen


Happy Friday! Isn't this picture adorable? The uber-talented Inslee Haynes created it for The Simple Luxury Blog. In a fantasy world, that would be what I would look like while running around Paris!
The responses I received for the giveaway were fantastic! It seems that most of you love French sweets, with pain au chocolat and macarons being clear favorites. Other favorites were crepes, baguettes, steak frites, foie gras, escargot and tartiflette (which I had to look up - a dish with potatoes, onions, cheese and lardons...doesn't that sound amazing?)  I also garnered some choice restaurant recommendations which I have written down to take with me. Thank you all SO much for your helpful comments.

And, the winner of Mastering the Art of French Eating is....

Design Chic

"My favorite french food is pain au chocolat for sure -
can almost taste it just thinking about it!"

Congratulations!! Just e-mail me with your mailing address and I will have it shipped to you as soon as it is released!

And, here is what is on my radar screen this week:



 I happened upon several great packing tips...the funny thing is, I wasn't actually looking for them even though I am in the midst of packing!

Some very chic (but spot on) packing tips from the entertaining goddess, Danielle Rollins.

What to pack for a warm weather trip and a cool weather trip from Adventure Chic...Surprisingly, my packing list actually resembles a combination of these lists.
What to pack for travel mishaps (both of road trips and airplane trips) from Plum Deluxe...let's hope I don't need any of these items!

On a more random note, here are two other things I think you will enjoy:

(click here if you cannot view video) 

I dare you not to cry when you watch this video...


And, don't miss your chance to link your posts about your next decorating project on the upcoming fabulous One Room Challenge created by DIY blogger extraordinaire (and my friend), Linda, from Calling It Home.

Okay, my friends...that's all for this week. Have a fantastic weekend, wherever you may be wandering!