Exciting News!

In my mind, today is the day when my "year" actually begins...the day after Labor Day and the first day of school.
SO...what better way to kick off the "year" than with an announcement...
I have officially become a Virtuoso travel advisor!!

What exactly does that mean? I am now working as an independent travel advisor with a full service travel agency, Singer Travel, who is a member of the Virtuoso network.  Virtuoso is the industry's leading luxury travel network - only 1% of travel agencies are invited to participate in their exclusive network.  

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be affiliated with these two excellent companies who know pretty much everything there is to know about luxury travel - Singer Travel, in the luxury travel business for 30 years, and Virtuoso, the gold standard for luxury travel.


I am now able to book all types of travel...family vacations, luxury cruises, vacation home rentals, European tours or even just a night at a hotel when you visit your kids at college.

No doubt, you all are pretty adept at booking travel yourself, but in tomorrow's post, I will explain to you all of the benefits of using a Virtuoso travel advisor to plan your next trip.

 After that, I promise you that the blog will go back to being exactly as it always has...a means for sharing my love of travel and anything related to travel that captures my attention along the way.  I can assure you that You May Be Wandering will not become an advertisement for my new business venture. Of course, if there is a particularly exciting promotion going on, I will definitely share it with you, just as I would anything else that catches my eye. And, I am going to put a link to Singer Travel on the sidebar. If you ever desire help with any aspect of travel planning, you know I would love to assist you.

 So here's to the new "year", new beginnings and new adventures ahead!  Cheers!