On My Radar Screen

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!!!
My oldest son, Christopher, arrived from California last night...it is so nice to have him home even though it is only for a week.  He doesn't like to leave sunny San Diego for very long (who would?) but I try to lure him home with some home cooking a couple times a year.
Many people are traveling this time of year so there are an abundance of travel posts out there. I also have been spending some time learning my way around Google+ and have discovered some great information there as well.

So... here are a few of my favorites from the past week:

Le Sirenuse in Positano has officially moved to #1 on my travel bucket list, so it is no surprise that I loved the stunning pictures in this post by Caroline of Inner Outer Beauty.
Elizabeth, from Pretty Pink Tulips is just back from London with her family and posted about her trip here and here. Be sure to bookmark her recommendation for an excellent tour guide if you are planning a trip to London!
One Truffle Pouch
Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, wrote a great post on packing tips with advice that was spot on. She is heading off to visit family in Spain soon and seems to have packing light down to a science. She has promised me a Spanish post card to add to my collection - I can't wait to receive some snail mail from a blogging buddy!
From Albertina's post, I discovered One Truffle...stylish waxed canvas and clear PVC bags of different sizes that are perfect for packing everything from your carry-on liquids to important documents.
The Paris Kitchen wrote an excellent post on dining etiquette while in Paris...this article raises some interesting points that will hopefully keep me from embarrassing myself when dining in Paris this fall!
Sharon from My French Country Home posted about her friend Martha's memoir of her experience in moving to Paris and falling in love with a Frenchman - it was recently published as a Kindle book and will definitely be added to my "virtual nightstand".
This is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal about dressing nicely when you travel. Call me old school, but I agree - no sweats for me - I always try to look good while I am flying.
Mrs. O Around the World shared a very informative piece on hotel fire safety...many of the suggestions in this article had never crossed my mind and are simple advice we should all take when staying in a hotel.

Have you seen this incredibly fun ad for the Fiat 500L? I have always adored the "Cinquecento" every since I lived in Italy in the 70's...I would love one of the new ones!


Finally, last week I mentioned the impending end of Google Reader and wondered what to do. Go here to easily move the blogs you follow on Google Reader over to Bloglovin'...and while you are at it, follow me on Google+, Facebook or Bloglovin' so you never miss a post!

I am off to enjoy my boys...my "empty nest" is almost full this weekend!
(We miss you, Caroline!)
I hope you all have a wonderful first weekend of summer filled with sunshine, wherever you may be wandering!