Have A Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

With my three children scattered around the country...Caroline down in DC where she is working, Christopher in San Diego going to school (and, let's be honest, surfing and playing with his band), and Carter in Providence finishing up the final exams of his first year of college...this is the first year in 24 that I won't have any of my children with me for Mother's Day.   SO, I have chosen to officially postpone Mother's Day in my house until Memorial Day weekend when Caroline and Carter will both be home.

However, I do want to wish a very special Happy Mother's Day to MY mother, who is my most ardent reader....she never fails to e-mail me every day with an interesting comment about whatever I may have posted that day.
My mom is my role model in everything that I do. She is always up for an adventure (even now, at 85!). As a Navy wife, she thought nothing of moving a family of five and an entire household all over the world at the drop of a hat.  You should have seen how she zipped around in our little Fiat up and down the hills when we lived in Italy when I was a child. Take three children to the street market in Naples? Not a problem for her!
I thought it would be fun to  share some fun vintage photos of her on her various adventures in life to celebrate her on Mother's Day!
My mom as a little girl with her mother and brother

Modeling in the early 1950's

My mom and dad in 1962 - this photo was taken 2 weeks after I was born!

My mom and dad in Europe - 1964

My mom and dad in Mexico, 1964
Thank you, Mom,  for inspiring me to be a great mother to my three children and for instilling in me curiosity and wanderlust! I love you!
And, to all my readers who are mothers...have a lovely Mother's Day weekend wherever you may be wandering!!