Island Hopping - Mackinac Island, Michigan

Whew...this island hopping is exhausting!! When I came up with the idea of showcasing each of the ten islands I featured in my Destinations Travel Magazine article, I thought it would be easy since I had already written about them. Turns out it is hard work "fleshing out" the short paragraphs I wrote for the article, not to mention coming up with photos and recommendations. Plus I am doing two a day...I think I need a vacation! 
Up until now, every place I have written about is some place I have actually visited before.  We are now moving into uncharted waters for the next three islands - Mackinac, Catalina and San Juan. We can learn about them together.
I am excited about the next island because I have heard SO much about it and have always wanted to go there!!  SO, without further ado...let's go to...
Mackinac Island, Michigan
This is what I wrote for the magazine...which I think sums up the island pretty well:

When you get off the ferry in Mackinac Island, you will be stepping back in time to an era of horse drawn carriages, Victorian era homes and a quieter, simpler life.  Whether you relax on the porch of the classic Grand Hotel, rent a bike to explore the nearly seventy miles of trails or discover the island’s rich history at Fort Mackinac, you can be assured there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  There are no cars allowed on the island – you can get everywhere you will need to go either by the horse drawn carriages, bicycles or walking.

Photo of The Grand Hotel courtesy of The Pink Pagoda

 Because Mackinac Island is a place I was not very familiar with, I reached out to Jennifer, from the absolutely beautiful blog The Pink Pagoda. After her visit last year, she posted some amazing pictures that really made me want to visit the island. She very kindly offered to let me share her photos from her blog posts.

(Note: If you aren't familiar Jennifer's blog and artwork, DO check it out. It's one of my favorite daily reads and is filled with gorgeous homes, artwork, flowers and more!)
Now, sit back and relax and enjoy these beautiful photos - they speak for themselves...Thanks, Jennifer!!!


All photos courtesy of The Pink Pagoda


Take a carriage ride around the island.

Rent a bike to explore the island even further.

Sample the famous Mackinac Island Fudge at one of the many sweet shops on the island.

All photos courtesy of The Pink Pagoda

Experience the famous Grand Luncheon Buffet or a five course dinner in The Grand Hotel's Main Dining Room - one of the most picturesque restaurants in the country.

Grab a tasty burger at The Chuckwagon.

Have lunch on the terrace overlooking the harbor at The Pink Pony.

All photos courtesy of The Pink Pagoda

The Grand Hotel is THE place to stay on Mackinac Island. This historic, truly "grand" resort is the focal point of Mackinac Island. With 385 guest rooms, suites and cottages, spectacular common areas decorated by the esteemed Carleton Varney and activities galore, this would be my first choice of where to stay when visiting.

There are quite a few other hotels, B&B's and even vacation rentals that are more reasonably priced, but it seems to me it would be worth the splurge to stay at The Grand at least once.

Oh my goodness, this charming island and The Grand Hotel just moved to the top of my travel bucket list...I am looking into a trip NOW!


Heading way out west this Catalina Island, California.