On My Radar Screen - Wrapping Up Rome Week

Happy Friday!! What a exciting week this has been with our armchair traveling to Rome and watching the election of the new Pope unfold at the Vatican.  I have to say, I was very touched by Pope Francis' humility when greeting the people in St. Peter's Square on Wednesday night. 
Photo via Context Travel
I want to wrap up our virtual visit to Rome with three wonderful videos from some outstanding tour companies in Rome, and several other links for information about Rome:
Context Rome - Context offers small group and private walking tours all over Rome (as well as numerous other cities around the world). I have taken their Vatican tour and it was excellent - the guide was a PhD candidate and was incredibly knowledgeable and informative. I would highly recommend any of their tours in any location.
Eating Italy - What could be better than a small group food tour of one of the greatest food cities in the world? One of their tours is very high on my bucket list!
Walks of Italy - All of their walks sound fascinating and unique...I hope to take one when I am in Venice in September.
Rome Cabs - Excellent car service for airport transfers
Rome Digest - A newly launched online consortium of food and wine experts, all ex-pats living in Rome. Look for big things from these ladies!
Sono un bel fine settimana (Have a beautiful weekend!)