Thank You NYC, Style and A Little Cannoli and Sugarfina!!

NYC, Style and A Little Cannoli
I was the lucky winner of a very cool giveaway from Rosemary at the lovely blog , NYC, Style and a Little Cannoli (be sure to check it out - she has some great information about New York City, particularly great places to eat!). 
My prize was a gift box from Sugarfina, a boutique candy store that puts a unique spin on your typical candy selections. It included two gift sets:
The "Sweetheart" gift set included  "Hey There, Honey" (Sweetheart HoneyBeans) ,"You're My Sweetheart" (Sweetheart Caramels) and "You Give Me Butterflies" (Baby Butterflies).
The "anti-Valentine's Day" gift set had me and my husband on the floor ..."Plenty of Fish in the Sea"  (All-Natural Swedish Fish) , "Men are Pigs" (Gummy Piglets)  and "Stop Kissing Frogs" (Apple Frogs ).
How incredibly cute are these?? The concept and the package they have created is remarkable and the candy is quite delicious.
Thank you Rosemary and Sugarfina for making my life a little sweeter!!