My Extended Visit to Florida and Winning a Giveaway!!!

Good morning everyone! I made it back from Florida late yesterday after being delayed two days by the blizzard (poor, pitiful me!). I was in Jacksonville where the weather this time of year isn't hot, beach weather but rather more spring-like, with azaleas in bloom and the opportunity to walk around wearing just a long sleeved shirt.  I had a lovely extended visit with my mom, my sister and her family, and a dear family friend...who could ask for anything more!
I didn't miss the beach entirely, we enjoyed one lovely beach side lunch with this view:
One Ocean in Atlantic Beach, Florida
We also had the saw a hilarious show called The Capitol Steps. If you are interested in politics (no matter where you stand politically) you will enjoy this show. I highly recommend seeing it if it is showing in your city or if you are visiting DC where they have regular shows.
While I was away, I received an e-mail telling me I won a giveaway!!  Thank you SO much to Rosemary from NYC Style and a Little Cannoli - I am the lucky winner of her giveaway from Sugarfina. I am excited to receive my yummy treats!

As nice as the extra two days with my family was, it has also put me way behind in my responsibilities - both in the blogging and writing department and as well as on the home front. So please forgive me today while I catch up...I will be back with more tomorrow!!