Being a Tourist in My Own City

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I have lived in the New York metropolitan area for nearly 30 years. While I have seen many of the museums and cultural attractions in New York,  there are many other things that I have missed. Confession time - I have never been to the top of the Empire State Building, to the Statue of Liberty or to Ellis Island. 

Photo of Brooklyn Heights via Fotopedia

It occured to me when writing yesterday about Grand Central Station that I commuted through there twice a day for five years, but never really stopped to take in my surroundings (granted, back then Grand Central wasn't the treasure that it is today - the ceiling had not been restored and the food halls didn't exist). I lived in Brooklyn for two years when I was right out of college (before it became insanely popular) but I was too busy working to enjoy the history and beauty of where I was living.

Recently, I was reading a blog that is written by someone who lives in England - she was talking about how much she would love to visit New York. It hit me that I live right outside one of the greatest cities in the world, yet I seem to spend a lot of my time thinking about the other cities around the world where I would like to visit.
I think it's time to be a tourist in my own city.

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Here are a few of the things on my NYC "bucket list":

Go back to Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope to rediscover my old neighborhoods.

Take more Context Walking Tours such as this one of the Lower East Side.
Go to the top of the Empire State Building at night.
See the 9/11 Memorial.

Take the Roosevelt Island Tram and visit Four Freedoms Park.

Visit the Food Halls at the Plaza Hotel.

Discover charming neighborhoods such as this one or this one.

Spend a Saturday doing One Day University.

Go to see lectures at the 92nd Street Y.

Take a cooking class at Eataly.

Take a class at Murray's Cheese.

Any other suggestions? Anyone want to join in?