On My Radar Screen

Happy Friday everyone!  I don't know if anyone else is feeling the rush of the holiday season, but it has hit me full force this week. I guess I am paying for being off in Vegas having fun last weekend by being overwhelmed.  This weekend will be spent decorating, shopping, wrapping and writing Christmas cards. Too much to do, too little time....
Here are a few things that I have discovered on my radar screen this week:
Tieks, everyone's favorite travel shoe is offering a their first promotional discount of the year here. I just ordered my first pair and I can't wait to let everyone know if they live up to their reputation.
This story from MSNBC about the lack of effectiveness of some hotel room locks is going viral. Pretty scary stuff - always remember to use the safe for your valuables and put on the safety latch when you are in the room.
Want to check out your resort before you book? A German company is now offering HeliView of properties. The site is in German but it is pretty easy to figure out and very cool to see a helicopter view of the various resorts.
Don't forget to check out Passports with Purpose and enter to win one of the their incredible prizes while also donating to a very worthy cause!
That's it for me for the week - now to start crossing a few items off my to do list! Enjoy your weekend!