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Paintings by Edouard Vuillard from the  Jewish Museum
Happy Friday!! What's everyone up to this weekend? I am hoping to catch the Vuillard exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York before it closes on Sunday and take a nice stroll through Central Park. Maybe lunch at The Boathouse?

Here are some fun and interesting travel related items that caught my eye this week ~
Photo by Geishaboy500 via Fotopedia
Did you know that Tokyo has been referred to as the "Cocktail Capital of the World"? Check out this list of tipsy places to vacation!
Do you remember this post about Side Tour,  the unique tour operator in New York? They are launching in DC and Chicago (woo hoo!) this fall and they are giving away a very cool trip to New York City. Who will you take with you if you win??     

Photo by Turkinator via Fotopedia
The Statue of Liberty is reopening next month. Have you ever been to the top? 
Photo from Joyus.com
How cute is this floral travel hairdryer? Note to self - order this before my next trip!
Photo via Behance.net

What do you think of this advertising campaign to give bankrupt American Airlines a new look?I wonder if they will take the advice of their ad-men.
Here is a GREAT idea from American Airlines to use tablet computers on board to give people connecting flight information and other assistance.
Jet Blue will begin offering free wi fi on board starting next year...do you think other airlines will follow their lead?
One more flight related item - here is a helpful chart to tell you what fees you will incur at different airlines if you cancel a flight booked with frequent flier miles.
Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!!!