NYC - On My Radar Screen

Photo by Bjorn Hermans via Fotopedia

After a week of posts on New York City I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface! Hopefully you have enjoyed a few of my favorite aspects of the city (of couse, I missed so many others like Central Park, New York Botanical Gardens and Yankee Stadium!).

Here are a few New York related items that are on my radar screen this week:

The 10 Best Bars in New York from Zagat
Two tips from everyone's favorite blogger,  Joanna Goddard, of Cup of Jo:
A great post by Sarah Tolzmann on her blog Note to Self about New York Film Favorites
A new book by Jamie McDonald explores Classic Mom and Pop Shops that still exist in NYC

Info on how to visit the 9/11 Memorial (you must book your tickets in advance)

An underground park in New York??

The East River Ferry is a great way to explore New York by water

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!!